The best Instagram
locations in Cyprus

Let us show you, where take your clients for best pictures in Cyprus
Cyprus is an attractive and multifaceted place for tourists because its territory can be used not only for swimming and sunbathing, but also for photo shoots that will be remembered for many years and will delight you and decorate your social networks!

1 — Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is an amazing place for scenic shots. Special will be the shots of an important event - weddings venues for which are organized on the beach.
2 — Caves
Caves in Cyprus are an excellent location for both couples and single photo shoots in the rays of the setting sun.

3 — Cape Kavo Greek

Cape Kavo Greek is rocky relief combined with the incredible color of the sea are suitable for capturing the mood of Cyprus is freedom and lightness. And the bridge of lovers in Kavo-Greco in addition to the amazing connection with turquoise water and a transparent bottom has an amazing property – here you can make a wish and it will certainly come true!

4 — Port of Ayia Napa

The port of Ayia Napa is the place where water excursions begin. White yachts on the pier against the background of azure water will be a wonderful background for decorating your photos.
5 — Black Pearl
The ship Black Pearl is a territory for themed pirate-style photo sessions. Walking in the open sea with the appropriate attributes will make the trip truly fabulous.
6 — Cemetery of cars
The cemetery of cars is a non–trivial location where rare models of cars are located. Such a photo shoot will be remembered for a long time!

7 — Avenue of Bougainvillea

The Avenue of Bougainvillea is a bright spot of many fragrant flowers, which is sure to cheer up when viewing photos from a trip to Cyprus!

8 — Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon of Cyprus is located in the west of the island and is unique in its status as a protected area. Enjoying the view of pristine nature disposes to exceptional shots the more it is possible to capture not only the terrestrial but also the underwater world of this place!

9 — Salt Lakes

Pink flamingos fly to the Salt Lakes every year in winter and if you're lucky you can even see a rare species - a black flamingo. The photos will turn out unusual!

10 — White Rocks

White Rocks is a private place for romantic photo shoots which decorates several cozy bars on the shore of a rocky beach.

11 — Archaeological Park

The Archaeological Park of Cyprus is a historical place that will make your social media feed not only interesting, but also informative!
12 — College of Arts
The College of Arts will immerse you in the atmosphere of bygone times and will become a suitable location for a retro-style photo shoot.
13 — Observation deck of Pissouri
From the observation deck of Pissouri a picturesque view of Paphos comes off – it's a meeting place of sunrises and sunsets that will fill your photos with the light and warmth of the sun!

14 — Cremmiotis Waterfall

Amazon jungle in Cyprus – is it possible? Yes! Cremmiotis Waterfall in Crete Terra is hidden in lush greenery and will give your photos life and freshness!