Sustainable Tourism
in Cyprus


What is Sustainable tourism, and what does OLTA Travel Cyprus do for it?

Sustainable Tourism (ST) is a form of tourism that respects:
  • both locals and travelers,
  • cultural heritage and the environment,
  • providing an exciting and informative vacation that also benefits the residents of the host country.

ST ensures that future generations can enjoy the beauty of our planet as much as we do.
What are we doing for Sustainable Tourism?

We support local sellers and artisans. Most of our excursions involve visits to mountain villages where our guests can participate in different workshops run by locals: Loukoumi master class, halloumi cheese cooking, mosaic or pottery workshops, lessons on basket weaving, perfumery workshop, and lots of other hand-made classes.

✅ We encourage tourists to give up plastic souvenirs and make souvenirs themselves from natural materials.

We are developing agritourism. Our guests can visit a donkey farm, a camel park, a rose factory, an olive farm, a green labyrinth and stay overnight in a traditional house or apartment.

✅ We create tour programs that aim to discover Cyprus through national trails. It is the best way to see the beauty of Cyprus's caves, forests, mountains, coasts, and sea.

✅ For our MICE clients, we perform socially responsible activities such as beach clean-up, reforestation, and activities with local charities.

Cyprus is rich in cultural heritage and environment. And we must take care of it. We have in our hands the responsibility of tourism which in the long run has more positive than negative effects on the environment - natural, cultural, social, and economic.

It is important to note that on the island works Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative - a non-profit, nongovernmental organization that aims to develop a sustainable approach to tourism in Cyprus. Offering a memorable experience for the tourist, its approach provides an obvious economic benefit to villages marginalized by mass tourism while minimizing adverse socio-economic and environmental impacts.

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