Water activities in Cyprus

Water activities in Cyprus!
The Sea of Cyprus opens up opportunities for the implementation of various water activities.
Diving with professional instructors for the contemplation of the most beautiful caves and grottoes and crystal clear water will allow you to consider exotic marine life.
Snorkeling is a popular entertainment in the waters of the Mediterranean and the clear water and rich fauna make this species especially popular among tourists in Cyprus.
Submarine excursions are a relatively rare and exciting type of water activity that offers immersion without special restrictions and conditions.
Parasailing and paragliding in Cyprus provide an opportunity to admire the beauty of the island from a bird's–eye view, its architecture, beautiful villas and most importantly – the incredibly blue sea.
For extreme athletes water skiing and motorcycles, surfing, windsurfing are organized – little windy area does not repel tourists but on the contrary the main advantage is the presence of well-groomed and clean sandy beaches with developed infrastructure.
For lovers of quieter activities swimming with dolphins, boat tours, water biking are suitable.
The luxury segment offers yachting as a type of water entertainment. The fascinating sea views of Cyprus will be revealed even more beautifully from the deck of the yacht.
The possibilities of water tourism in Cyprus are extremely extensive and diverse: here everyone can find something to their liking!

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